Book Review: The Opposite of Falling Apart

The cover of this book draws in its audience to read the blurb. Once I realized it was a Wattpad book and dealt with themes that are honestly expressed these days, I knew I had to read it. Micah Good dives into anxiety and PTSD, so readers become aware yet comfortable with these topics spoken.

After losing his leg in a terrible car accident, Jonas Avery can’t wait to start over and go to college. Brennan Davis would like nothing more than to stay home and go to school, so she can keep her anxiety in check. When the two accidentally meet the summer before they move away, they’ll push each other to come to terms with what’s holding them back, even as they’re pulled closer to taking the biggest leap of all—falling in love. The Opposite of Falling Apart has more than 2.1 million reads on Wattpad.