Book Review: Rua Hasan's Popular Wattpad Book, Tyler's Gem Published

This book had been in my Wattpad library for ages. When I saw that it had gotten published, I thought I lost my chance to read it, but here we are! Years later, where I get the opportunity to read and review it.

Thank you to TypeWriter Pub, who provided me an ebook copy. You can view their other releases here. In no way does the process of how I got this book to influence my opinion.

For a Wattpad book, it’s a cliche plot but entertaining with its intrigue and humor. It was promising from the prologue where readers are introduced to Crystal and how she’s bullied in middle school for her weight and who knew what other childish things middle graders picked on. Tyler, the expected love interest, is the prime cause of her bullying. She goes home to an empty house and finds out her parents are dead. That’s when her entire life changes and she moves to live with her grandparents.

Quite the rollercoaster for a prologue and the main reason it attracted so many readers. From the blurb, it’s clear what will happen, but within the first few chapters—there’s a lot more at stake. Crystal is back years later and claims her parent’s house. She’s described as thin and fit, which really grinds my gears. When she returns to school, she’s flashed with compliments and perks the interest of Tyler. It surprised me Crystal didn’t call him or anyone out on the bullying. She might not hold grudges, but for an outgoing character, you’d think she’d stand up for herself and detest how they all seem to gush over her since she isn’t chubby anymore. Hasan glided the topic over many times and I didn’t find it surprising when she labeled other girls she thought Tyler and her best friend, Matt were with as ‘bimbo.’

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Then again, Crystal wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. She seemed oblivious most of the time to Tyler’s intentions when it was crystal clear. Lol, sorry I had to. I think the author tried to make Crystal too relatable but avoided her genuine emotions. Such as going in-depth on her grieving towards her parents? Coming home to an empty house every day and only a few lines of she misses them then onto Tyler—who no surprise—is her neighbor. The romantic themes seemed too convenient for Crystal and Tyler. An empty house with no parents. Oh, the number of things that could happen. What about keeping the house clean? Commitment to her job to make ends meet? It was all too convenient for Crystal, who ended up being two-dimensional for me. It was tough to like her after the first few chapters.

Onto Tyler who wasn’t, I noticed, labeled as the usual bad boy, which was a pleasant sign for me. Yet Tyler wasn’t likable either for me. I would’ve preferred Dan, to be honest. Tyler worked on my nerves by being over-protective of a girl he just put his hands on all the time and claimed her. Now that she’s ‘hot’ and skinny, he admits he liked her all this time. Ugh. Then again, Crystal did nothing and gave up. Why? Because she secretly liked it and pushed back the thought of how he bullied her. His apology so far into the book wasn’t even that good. He became annoying by always pestering Crystal with the smallest things. So, I might’ve preferred a bad boy.

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Crystal’s best friend since middle school, Matt irked me the most. He was always there for Crystal and understanding. He said he’d beat up Tyler when they were in middle school. Now? Matt is so inclined to giving Tyler what he wants and that’s Crystal. Best friends are supposed to be there for you and protect you. Not tell someone who’s bullied you, where you work. Matt failed in that department. He was enjoyable at first but became insensible like everyone else in this book.

Since the characters weren’t as delightful, the plot had potential. There’s a bit of mystery to it when Crystal discovers that Tyler is helping someone. Yet the book dragged to get to that point again. I noticed this book could’ve been shorter and maybe more enjoyable if it was. Maybe more editing as I spotted a few errors. I don’t want to mention any spoilers, but I liked the twists and turns it took. Yet at one point I thought the author had too many ideas and wanted to shove it into this book. We barely hear of Matt in the last half because it’s filled with new characters.

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Through all this, I liked the nostalgia of coming back to a Wattpad book that’s published! It was nice to squeal over the cute moments, but Crystal and Tyler’s closure of their past could’ve been better.

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