Book Review: Arms of the Ocean has a beautiful world building

An alluring YA fantasy that not only pulled me in because of the wonderful book cover but the blurb too. Another thing that made me admire this book was to see that it originated from Wattpad. I love to see Wattpad books blossom.

Nineteen-year-old Tristaine lived a life of bitterness. When her mother abandoned her family, and her father began drinking, Tris discovered the only thing that truly brought her happiness: the sea.

It called to her like a lover and flowed through her like a life force. When her only peace is threatened to be taken away, Tris realizes there is nothing she wouldn't do to remain with the ocean.

Even if it means taking her own life to do so.

But the sea isn't done with her -not yet- and Tris soon finds herself submerged in a world where love, betrayal, and honor stand stronger than any other force of nature.

Thank you to The Parliament Press Publishers who sent me a digital copy to review. In no way of how I received the book, influence my opinion. If you’d like to see more of their books, click here.

From the first few chapters, I was hooked. Webster and Dalto made a sensible decision by diving in headfirst into the action. Even throughout the book, I was engaged. It paced well with no chapter left hanging in the void. One moment you think you know what’s going on, then the next, it takes a drastic turn for the characters. Tris, our main character definitely goes through a lot in the book which I’ll go into detail later.

The world-building of being inland and the City of Inara detailed well. It consumed so much that I wanted to be underwater and have my own skin! From the hierarchies to the descriptive setting, it really consumed readers. What I love about world-building, especially fantasy, is that there are so much knowledge and resources that are the author/s that there’s so much to write about. We have inland with the Lord’s son, Fiero, who wants Tris and won’t stop at anything to claim her. Followed by the City of Inara. Prince Imriel won’t stop at anything to be with Tris, who equally wants to be with him.

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Then there’s the backstory of Tris’ mother, who disappeared years ago. Tris always believed it was her mother’s fault, and I think that’s what drew her to comply with her drunken father who spoke badly of her mother. Suddenly, she learns the truth of her mother, who used to live in Inara and have a life. When Tris takes her own life, she gets her mother’s skin, which then permits her to live in Inara. It’s a beautiful story of love and betrayal.

Onto our primary character, Tris, who loves the ocean. She lives and breathes it every day. Faced by the fact that her father wants to marry her off to Fiero, she commits suicide by jumping off a cliff. That’s when she gets her alternative life in the City of Inara. At first, Tris was a likable and straightforward person. Yet the longer she stayed in Inara, the more oblivious and naïve she became. She didn’t question her recent life or try to figure anything out. Only a few months later, she thought about her brother, Sloane, on land who she left. Maybe she had become love-struck by Imriel? Who wouldn’t when he’s the kindest man she has ever come across? Many easily tricked and persuaded Tris. It irked me when she didn’t see things through. I’m not saying it was her fault of what happened to her on land again. It was tragic to read. Even sadder that Imriel stopped at nothing to get her back.

"Everyone deserves a second chance, Tris. You never got much of a first." - 38% into the book

Imriel, the price of Inara, was one of my favorite characters. From the moment they introduce readers to him on the beach, I’m flabbergasted. He has a lot of responsibilities as a prince, and we learn that his parents (king and queen) are dead. He mostly takes guidance from the Elders. Other than that, he tries to do the right thing. Yet he, too, sometimes is oblivious to other true intentions. At one point I wanted to scream, ‘IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU’. Maybe Webster and Dalto wanted that frustration from the readers. If they did... excellent job. It frustrated me.

Imriel’s right hand, known to be a player, Loch. I found him amusing. He brought light into Tris and Imriel. His father is one of the Elders. Who I figured out from his body language and response to seeing Tris—how he contributed to the plot compared to the other Elders. It was nice to see Loch and Tris grow close. In other circumstances or situations, they low-key would’ve made a better couple than Imriel and Tris. Other than Loch, there was another friend who was female and would be the queen of Inara alongside Imriel. That was all prepared before Tris came along.

Ember has been Imriel’s childhood friend and has loved him since. He only saw her as a sister, which made him more gullible to her actions. From the first few encounters Tris had with Ember, it was clear what she wanted. There was little warning, yet none of the characters paid attention to it! That frustrated me and how immature at one point they became. You’d think they’re almost/are adults with prime responsibilities, they’d be a bit mature. Even the ending and what Imriel decided could’ve gone better if he just did the right thing.

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With that being said, I hope there’s a sequel. As I said earlier, there’s so much more to uncover! Apart from the repulsive characters, I really enjoyed this book and was happy to give it four stars!

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