7 Valuable Book Photography Tips

With the simplicity of smartphones these days, it has become easier than ever to take photos. However, there is still an art to taking specific photos. I get asked all the time about my bookstagram posts, even though my posts are not as near good as the top bookstagrammers—it is still nice to be appreciated for work that has taken a few hours to do!

I have been a bookstagrammer for over three years now. It’s all about hard-work, creativity, time management and, of course—reading! Below I have shared some tips for bookstagrammers out there, whether you are starting an account, simply intrigued or wish to learn a thing or two.


I can’t stress this enough. When you’re taking a photo of anything really, you’re inspired to capture the moment or share the story. The same is with book photos; taking photos of books you’re not interested in can visually show in the end… believe me, I’ve been there. I have taken photos of books I was not entirely interested in and compared them to books I was so hyped to read and the difference was huge! If I can pick this out, imagine if your followers could too?