5 Exclusive Things You Need To Know About My New Wattpad Book + Blurb Reveal

After an enduring wait, I can finally release my recent project into the world. I had the idea since 2017 but only put it to action late last year (2019) during National Novel Writing Month. You can see my process here. Unlike my previous novels, I wanted this to connect with readers but still become enjoyable as to pick it up again and again. That’s why I took my time with it and I hope you like it.


What happens in Saint Beaurage, stays in Saint Beaurage.

Yet when a newcomer, Octavia Mora, turns up at Vega Front High two weeks before summer break, questions raise and pasts revive. All the while, she forms the oddest friendships.

Octavia will not rest until she finds out the mysteries within Saint Beaurage and how the town connects to her family. With outcast, Frederic Stark, and baseball player, Wahid Nazari by her side—the trio cause mischief wherever they go.

Though, is it worth unravelling the secrets of Vega Front High’s most elite?

The Final Wait comes out soon, so keep a lookout on all my social media for any news. Join my Facebook Group where I’ll post teasers, polls, and more with the upcoming release. In the meantime, here are five things you’d want to know about The Final Wait:

1. A Young Adult Novel

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as I’m young and love to explore the ins and outs of the young adult genre. It’s such a broad genre that can go so many places. In The Final Wait, there are sub-genres such as romance, comedy, mystery, and suspense. Something for everyone.

2. A Standalone

With such quirky individuals with everyone having a backstory, there’s a lot to write from. However, if I do, consider another novel with the same characters—there wouldn’t be a need to read them in order. The Final Wait is a standalone and a quick relaxing read.

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3. Set Over the Summer

As stated in the blurb, our key character (Octavia Mora) arrives two weeks before summer break starts. From there, the book takes place during the entire summer so you can imagine what a bunch of teenagers get up to before their last year of high school.

4. Set in a Fictional Town

I wanted to create a place with no boundaries and let these characters be free. There’ll be mention of actual places but where they are—Saint Beaurage is a fictional town and every one serves a purpose.


5. Octavia Mora Loves Flowers

You’ll notice that Octavia is always surrounded by flowers, whether or not intentional. She’s wearing flowers, touching flowers, talking about flowers or looking at flowers. It becomes very symbolic in the story and could mean so many things. It’s how you interpret it on the way.

With that being said, I hope you’re excited as I am! Let me know in the comment section below!

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