Day in The Life of a Writer

Right after an epic yet busy October of spooky reads and all things Halloween writes gear up for November. Not only because it’s the second last month of the year, but it’s also National Novel Writing Month. You can follow my journey through this month by checking out my Instagram Highlights #NaNoWriMo

Recently I graduated high school, so it was the perfect time to start a new novel! Well, one I’ve been thinking about and the half planning for about a year. These characters haven’t left my mind since! With such free time to write and gain more inspiration, I thought to write this post since there’s quite a number who’s asked about my writing and how I go about it. I’ve answered similar questions in interviews but this is actually a day with me while I’m writing… prepare yourself.

We’ll start off lightly where I wake up around 9 - 10 am. My parents have told me to rest and sleep in but how can I when I’m the woman of the house when they’re gone? There’s stuff to be done! Once I’ve pulled myself out of bed, I do the usual cleaning up and morning routine. Every breakfast has been spent in front of the TV now. Whether it’s a movie or something on Netflix, let’s just call it research.

Around 11 - 11:30 I clean up the kitchen and do other chores before I set out to do my stuff. Once I’m done, I finally go into writer mode. Don’t tell anyone this, especially my parents but while I’m doing chores, it helps thinking of the scene/chapter I’m about to write. You’re surrounded by silence yet doing something physical. Your brain has to keep active too. There’s a desk in my room with all my notebooks and laptop so I settle down there with either a bottle of water or make a healthy smoothie. My writing goes on for about an hour or two or until I can’t type full sentences anymore or I’ve finished a tough scene that just needed to be spilled.

From there it’s almost lunchtime so I take a quick shower and decide what to eat. Then head to the TV for another episode. As you can tell, my day isn’t exciting. Roundabout this time, I push myself up to do something that will benefit me. You’ll find me reading or taking book photos for my Instagram or next book review. I find this time the best because the sun from our backyard creates the best light through the windows.

The family is home, and that’s when I realized I didn’t do much. Even though I planned so much and haven’t glanced at my To-Do List, that’s super urgent. Late afternoon is upon us and I’m drained even though I have done nothing physical. I love swimming but it’s a trek to the pools. Anxiety grows at me for not getting enough things done today and pulls down. I bury myself in my room until my mother calls me to set the table. When dinner arrives, everyone talks about their day but I barely have anything to share. What can you share from being at home all day?

When the table and kitchen are cleared, I watch more TV but this time it’s nice since it’s with the family. Everyone goes to sleep at a reasonable time because they have a busy day tomorrow. My dad is the last to leave the sofa and asks if I will continue watching. I say yes because there’s nothing else to do. When I finished and looked at the clock, it’s past midnight. Time for my night routine even though it will be a new day.

Skincare is important but I’ve barely seen results within the last six years of having it. With one last look in the mirror, I turn all the lights out and go to my room. My sleeping schedule is a mess and I find myself not tired. I go onto all my social media platforms and spend about an hour before I set the phone down and pick up a book. The book keeps me occupied until I hear something and look up to see its dawn. When the light goes off in my room, I see the sun peek between my curtains. It’s a new day, here we go again.

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