Books I Own But Haven't Read Yet

Okay, we all have that pile of books that we’ve either bought, borrowed, got as a gift or found and kept it aside. That pile of books has not been read even though it keeps on growing as we get more books. For a while now, I’ve stuck to the library, so I decided to show you all my books in that pile. It’s like Alaska, in Looking for Alaska by John Green or Oliver Larrson in There’s Someone inside your House by Stephanie Perkins. Both their rooms were filled with books, wherever they could find a place, they’d put it. So, based on those memorable characters, I will keep collecting books and hope, that one day I’d get to read them all!

1. The Detention Club by David Yoo.

I think I bought this book in fifth grade because every year, a bookstore visited the school, set up all their goods in the hall and we’d go down, grade by grade to purchase any books. I don’t know why I picked up that particular book. However, I’ve always liked rebellious reads about a bunch of kids, hence why I decided to write about so many! I always walk by, and this is one of the first few titles I see, I’ve read the first few pages but other than that, I haven't touched that book in years.

2. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.

This book was given on my birthday. By my dear aunt who currently lives in The Netherlands. It’s a weird book that I’ve tried, multiple times to read and finish but somehow get sidetracked. This is the kind of book that requires your full attention and something that you’d want to read in a time of difficulty. I might fully understand it someday in a pretty cafe with a good cup of coffee, well depending on the weather and I’d order a milkshake or ice coffee…

3. The Windermere Witness by Rebecca Tope and Blue Monday by Nikki French.

These two books I bought this year when it was Love Your Bookshop Day. A whole box full of thrilling fiction, two for $10. I couldn’t say no, and I’ve really been loving mystery, crime and thriller novels. Nikki French’s story consists of a whole series, so I’ve been looking out for the rest before I read the first one. I’m not sure if Rebecca Tope’s is part of a series, but if it isn’t then I’ll read it soon enough!

4. Found by Fleur Ferris.

I bought this book at a Penguin Teen Showcase Event I attended where I got to meet the author! It was a fun night where we found out the releases of new books, quizzes, and author Fleur Ferris and Emily Gale spoke about their latest books and gave writing tips. We all received a goodie bag, and afterward, the authors had a signing where I got this book signed by her. I was extremely nervous! I couldn’t talk, only blurt out a few words!

5. The Diabolic by S.J Kincaid.

This was actually a fun book to discover. The same day I bought The Windermere Witness & Blue Monday, I had to choose between a few brown packages where there were only a few words that described the book wrapped inside. I didn’t know the title but the few lines of description they gave drew me in, and I got it for free :D

6. The Rook by Daniel O’Malley & Into The Water by Paula Hawkins.

I spotted these two books at an indoor market where they actually sold furniture. Obviously, they sat on a wooden bookshelf along with other books at $2 each! I would’ve bought all of them if I could, but thankfully I checked through them because some were part of a series. The Rook, which I hadn’t realized. Only afterward, when I went home and researched it on Goodreads. I’ve heard of Paula Hawkins before and actually wanted The Girl on the Train, but it’s also good to read another book by a bestselling author.

7. The Murder Room by Michael Capuzzo.

This book I’ve actually read into a bit but found it more resourceful, so I left it when I really need to look and read into it. There’s information than anything else. It explains why the book is not in good condition than the others. I kept notes while I read for future reference. This book was purchased, in the market. This one was near the sea with more books because it was an actual stall for books. They mostly had Non-fiction, crime, thrillers, biographies and horror novels.

8. LIFELIK3 by Jay Kristoff.

I’ve really been getting into sci-fi, and Jay Kristoff was the right person to start with! I loved his series, The Illuminae Files along with Amie Kaufman. I bought this book on Love Your Bookshop Day because I knew I’d enjoy it! Also, the cover is beautiful! The second book is due to come out soon, so I better start with this one!

9. The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo.

I actually begged my mother to buy this book for me because I didn’t have money with me. I had no intention in buying a book that day at Target, but when I saw it ( on social media), I immediately knew I had to have it. Apart from the book cover, the illustrations the further you go in the story.

10. Run by James A. Moore.

This book is the longest in my pile. I bought it when I was young and had no insight as to what series were at the time. Henceforth, I purchased the second book in the Subject Seven series. I read a chapter or two and realized, nothing made sense. I’m always looking out for the first book, but it isn’t a necessity yet. One day I’ll be committed to this series.

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