Book Review: Will Grayson, Will Grayson

I’ve always wanted to read all the books written by John Green, my favorite so far has to be Looking for Alaska, but I enjoyed this one as well. I picked it out in my school library even though they don’t have a wide selection, mostly a tiny reading/quiet room that was surrounded by books. Everything else in the library was non-fiction, desks, and sofas. Not a wide variety but I always go for a John Green book when I can.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan, follows the story of two separate Will Grayson’s, both living in Chicago and in high school. Living different lives in their own complications only bring them together one night. One is gay, and the other has a gay friend, Tiny, who just brings them closer as the plot continues.

There are twenty chapters, each Will takes their turn, so the novel is told in their perspectives, be glad I’m telling you this information as I got confused! I wondered why I haven’t met the other Will and why the one I was reading through had different friends every time and the worst, whether people or even himself, knew he was gay or not!

Will Grayson 01 frustrated me a bit as a character. However, this only came in the middle of the story when he faced a complication with Tiny, his big friend and yes, that’s how he’s described, and that’s what people call him. On a side note, WG1 was such a raw and original character that I loved him for that. Especially how he was included in the story even if the other Will Grayson received more spotlight. He’s one of those rare characters that I can actually imagine as a teenager doing the things he did and the feelings he felt. Sometimes authors make aspects of a particular age group too advanced or two-dimensional in which us, the ones they are writing about, can’t relate to.

Will Grayson 02 was adorable and was actually the first time I read about a gay character, I read this book before The Art of Starving by Sam J.Miller even though that review was posted before this one. Compared to that book, WG2 was a shy gay boy who hadn’t come out to anyone and relied on the internet to help him. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but when he meets Tiny, who’s the complete opposite of him, that brings them together even though Tiny exaggerated to have past relationships while Will barely had any…

The parts I really enjoyed about WG1 was when he hung out with Jane Turner, they weren’t cringy, and there weren’t excessive scenes about them, just the right amount. Apart from the girl in his life, I also enjoyed the humor that came along with Tiny Cooper. From the time they meet the other Will Grayson and to the end of the book, more of Tiny Cooper’s self-titled, directed and produced (I don’t know what else he did by himself) musical was brought up and the night of his musical is the resolution of the story. It’s honestly a beautiful ending, not just one to put an immediate stop to the book, it was one thoroughly put out and not only decided because of its setting.

WG2 didn’t live such a glamorous life compared to the other, sometimes I just wanted to hug him and assure him that everything would be okay. That also made the story more unique, both Will’s couldn’t be living a good life, it would be boring and unrealistic. His friend, Maura, I hated with a passion, especially what she did to him. It’s quite ironic that I’ve come across another character having a gothic friend when himself was different. Another example I’d seen were characters, Wren and Milo in Emily Gale’s, I’m Out With Lanterns.

A prominent theme that really connected the Will Grayson’s were friendship. If WG1 didn’t have a friend like Tiny Cooper, WG2 wouldn’t have stuck around. In every novel, there’s a mini complication which seventy-five percent of the time are arguments which all three of the boys face. WG1’s situation is resolved quicker because the real page-turner is WG2 on show night of Tiny’s musical!

If you want a bit of LGBTQ fictional characters and don’t know where to start, I suggest this book. It has a subplot and is a quick read which will keep you wanting more especially because of its humor!

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