Favorite Characters to Write in 'Caught by the Bad Boys'

There’s a lot of characters I do enjoy writing in Caught by the Bad Boys and honestly, one of them

isn’t Lana Willson.

She’s an interesting character to write about because she’s the protagonist and going through all these conflicts, but I wouldn’t say she’s my favorite. When I look back at my notes for the next chapter I’m going to write I always get excited when someone, who hasn’t been in the book in a while makes an appearance.

First and most apparent is Keene Stoner. He’s the type of character I aspire to be, well not the ex-junkie part but his ways and logic. Lana and Levi see him as a big brother, and when they went to Ethan’s beach house, he was labeled as ‘papa bear’ so other characters also look up to him. Whenever there was a minor conflict, he’d always step in when things got out of hand. Other than that, Keene's a deep character who I can always rely on to indirectly give a message to my readers. Keene Stoner’s the type of character you’ll judge once you meet them and find out the basic stuff but he takes effort and understanding to relate.

A lot of people can agree on this next character, Liam Sanchez. At the beginning of the novel he’s seen as this annoying skater jock, but once he’s in Lana’s life, everyone seems to enjoy him. A strategy I’ve used quite often is whenever something happened, and there’s this awkward silence, or nobody knows what to do next, Liam or Aidan will add in something humorous.

The reason why I chose Liam and not Aidan, there’s more to Liam’s character than meets the eye. I can’t talk much about it yet because some people haven’t figured it out again even though I tried to drop a few hints. Since, it’ll leave some of you curious, that part of him is mostly revealed when he’s not being comedic.

Melissa Singe is another character that I favored. Even though she isn’t that drawn into the plot that much. She was part of the mean girls (Jennifer and Kelly), but since Lana became friends with Benny, Nick (Melissa’s boyfriend) and Liam, she’s become part of the group. Melissa still has that bitchiness in her like when she helped Kelly ‘expose’ Lana and Uncle Griff but totally misinterpreted it. Obviously, Melissa had forgotten about it and was just an asset to Kelly’s plan. Further in the novel, when she becomes Lana’s friend, she doesn’t change completely. There’s still this sassiness in her that reminds me as well as the readers, what type of person she really is and that she speaks her mind.

As of now, I’ve chosen my top three and spoke about them. I really wanted to do this for a while now, and people have always asked who my favorite characters were but never to write about. I feel like this gives a deeper insight as to how I write. For Lana though, she would need her own individual post.

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