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As many of you know for a while now, I wanted to a Q&A. I didn’t know when but now it seemed appropriate since Summer break began for most of my readers/fans. I’m having winter so it was nice to answer the questions you’ve all sent in through my social media platforms and answer them truthfully with a cup of warm tea beside me. Note sometimes it was coffee…

Questions are answered in no particular order, I wrote them all down then began to answer…

Q. Who do you ship with Lana? - omigaArt from Wattpad

A. Even though I’m the writer of this series and know how it’s gonna’ end, I can’t help but ship her with some of the older characters…Keene, Axel, Jaden etc. I guess because they’re more matured and in previous situations, have taken care of Lana or their intentions toward her were good. That will never happen by the way, they’re sort of her big brothers or people she can always go to for a different perspective on things.

Q. Why are you such an amazing author? :D What inspires you to make this book? - HeyoMayoXD from Wattpad

A. Haha, I don’t know am I though? I’d consider myself as okay-ish :D Everyday life just inspires me to write this book, especially since I’m in high school I can observe people (please don’t think I’m weird) like the different type of social groups. The outcasts, populars, pranksters, smartasses, jocks and geeks and try to pick out their uniquness in each of them. Other than that what also inspires me to write this book is seeing others struggle, not being heard or being forced to hide it really makes me want to—ugh come out and take them by the hand and guide them! Most importantly, what really gets me writing this complicated book, is my readers and fans. The messages, comments and support you’ve all given, motivates me to continue what I love doing.

Q. Does Liam still love Miranda? - DramaPrincess6 from Wattpad

A. Well, I’ll have to ask hi— *Liam busts through the door as he senses that someone needs him. Author goes silent as she stares at him while he pushes his glasses up to read question* Liam: I’ll always love Miranda

Q. Will there be a third book? - __smilefurever__ from Wattpad

A: There’s no need for a third book right now because the second book will lead the path for every character.

Q. To Lana: Why don’t you trust Levi, Blake or even Keene enough to tell them about the conversation on the vinyl (aka murder she committed) - Adyalpha from Wattpad

A. Lana: I don’t want to involve anymore people, it’s bad enough that Benny, Liam and Nick are already stuck in this situation. I want them to move on with their lives especially when I go to Yale.

Q. How many chapters are left? - thesoccerstar123 from Wattpad

A. I’m not quite sure yet but around forty something chapters…

Q. How come Lana decided to date Benny and not Blake? What made Benny better than Blake? - InfinteLove81298 from Wattpad

A. You have to remember at the time Benny asked Lana out, Levi had just arrived and him and Blake both disliked Benny for what he did. They didn’t care about Lana’s feeling even though she was fighting with them too at the time. Lana could see how Benny chanced over the past few months and how he helped her compared to Blake and Levi, who either got into arguments with her or broke her trust even more. Also, with the whole murder sitatuion, Lana could only talk to Benny about it so that also gave her a sense of comfort.

Q. When are Blake and Lana ever gonna get together? I have waited since they had their first kiss! - stilesblake from Wattpad

A. To be honest, I don’t even know I’ve been asking Blake that since he moved to Illinois.

Q. How did you plot the story after the murder? As in the idea, the events that followed it, the mystery. PS - I love your books, you are an amazing author xx - Sweet_Lovexx from Wattpad

A. Aww thank you so much! Well actually, after the murder I didn’t know what to do so I left it for a few days then after I binged random tv shows it all came like a tsunami. From there I took stuff that happened and imagined if it went the other direction, what would happen? Which led me to writing something so complicated I have notes everywhere. EVERY—WHERE.

Q. To Blake: What do you think Benny’s intentions are with Lana? - quibbie2004 from Wattpad

A. Blake: To hurt her in the end like he’s always done but Lana refuses to acknowlege it because she tries to see the good in people.

Q. How did you come up with the idea and who is your favourite character? Mine is Liam. Love you btw and amazing story! Keep going. - VictimOfMyFeelings from Wattpad

A. Before I wrote this book I read a lot of romance and young adult so I thought it would just end up being a sweet cliche lovestory but suddenly it took a drastic turn when I became interested in thrillers. As weird as it may be and please don’t hate me on this haha, my decision always changes but I’ve been liking Marcus Sanders latelty. I don’t know why, it’s just exciting to write about him because he’s so unpredictable.

Q. How long have you been writing? Do you have any other hobbies other than writing like playing an instrument or art? - xemmaxkatarinax from Instagram

A. I’ve been writing since I started high school but only began novels around the nineth grade. In my spare time which isn’t a lot of time but when i do find the time, I love to doodle in my sketchpad that I’ve had for years or find a random recipe online and hopefully bake something delicious. I also love to swim but rarely find the time to anymore.

Q. Do Benny and Lana stay together? (plz say they do I love them) - muskan422 from Wattpad

A. What chapter are you on? I’m not quite sure what you’re refering to if something happened between them…

Q. How long have you been writing for…And what made you start writing x - Kailee_casey from Instagram

A. As answered before, I’ve been writing since I started high school and well, I guess I’ve always had a passion for writing. Ever since I was little, someone always put a pen and paper in front of me and told me write. When cleaning out I’d always find papers of either drawings or stuff I used to write and they used to be the most random of things. Though what really made me write books and novels were seeing people like myself, being quiet and not being able to find their voice. I’m a quiet person so the only way I can really show what’s going on in my mind is write.

Q. To Benny: What are your motives with Lana? What are you going to with her?? You seem suspicious… - Aals765 from Wattpad

A. Benny: No motive, I won’t hurt her anymore but I’ll always love her

Q. What is your favourite ship, is Liam and Miranda going to be together? Have you watched 13 reasons why, yet? - afiyaedwards123 from Wattpad

A. Favourite ship would be Aidan and Tiffany even though I don’t write a lot about them because their relationship isn’t as important to the plot but when I do write about them I find them really cute. With Liam and Miranda you’ll just have to wait and see ;) Also I have watched 13RW and it would be interesting find out where they take the story next because some of them are deep ass characters…

Q. Do you have any advice to new writers? - AnGeL144K from Wattpad

A. Yes don’t stop writing even if you think it’s the end of the world and no one is reading or interested in your stuff. If you do feel like that a lot then go over your story, throw in something new or try a different genre/story etc. There’s a lot of resources nowadays to help writers and even reading! Read as much as you can if you really want to get into the fictional world.

Q. What is your favourite book on Wattpad, and what genre of books/movies is your favourite? - tynelix from Instagram

A. Favourite book on Wattpad would be High School Hitlist by autheras or Million Dollar Man by something_hopless yeah, I’d definetly read them again in the future! You can check out my reading list here. I kind of like all genres of books but I’m very selective when taking one out because I read stuff in one go so it has to catch my interest quick. With movies I enjoy horror, comedy, thriller, action, sort of adventure, scifi indeed, sometimes fantasy and romance.

Q. How are you doing? - __smilefurever__ from Wattpad

A. I’m doing very good and yourself? Thanks for asking :)

Q. Ik I’m like reallyyyy late bc I took a nap but how did u create all the characters like the personalities, the names and stuff? - remas._._._ from Instagram

A. Don’t judge but I somtimes just sit and observe people. I’ll look at them and imagine them in a book I want to read and whether they’d make the cut or an entirely different version of them with a few similiar traits. Other than that, I also watch movies/series if I’m looking for a specific character but I also do a lot of research and download templets that help with characterisation.

Q. Do you know bts? - borokhae from Wattpad

A. Yes my friend is obsessed with them and I don’t know how I follow a fan account on Instagram but yeah and I’ve heard some of their music. Also watched them when they were on The Late Late Show with James Cordon.

Q. Is there any hope Lana and Blake will end together. And when do you plan on updating buried love of the riches? - Cindy_honorato147 from Instagram

A. You’ll just have to wait and see as you read the book. I’ve decided that I’ll update BLOTR when the sequel is completed then I can focus on it properly.

Q. When CBTBB gets published, is it gonna be available worldwide? Also, will you be doing signings anywhere at all? - jadesplash from Wattpad

A. It will be avaliable worldwide as paperback or hardcopy and as an ebook. I hope I get to do signings, I’m not sure on that one quite yet.

Q. Are we gonna get more Bana moments? - puja_0912 from Instagram

A. You’ll have to wait and see ;)

Q. If you were in the situation that Lana is in of the last chapter you published on Wattpad of Lights Out Boys, what would you do? - ButTheBooksThough from Wattpad

A. I’d either scream as louad as I can and resist from them trying to do anything to me or I’d remain calm and plan something if I had no other choice. To be honest you can’t actually plan on what to do because when something like that actually happens, you’re a messy and you can’t think straight because your main goal is to just get out or get help.

We’ve reached the end of the little Q&A! I hope you all enjoyed the answers and it helped to some interest. It was fun answering these questions over a few days because for a few I had to think. Thank you all so much for sending in questions and I’d be happy to do it again in the future!

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