Book Review: Suspicion

Joseph Finder's fast pace thrilling novel left me at the edge of my seat after every chapter. I found myself up in the early morning reading the book, hoping to finish it as soon as possible. Whenever I read a thriller, suspense, mystery novel I try to complete it within a week because there are many details, plot turns and character development taking place at once.

The story follows Danny Goodman, a striving writer, and dad of a teenage daughter, Abby. When he finds himself in financial issues, the only way to solve them is to get help from his daughter's wealthy father. The following day, after the transaction is met, two men from the DEA knock on Danny's doorstep and demand some answers. After a suspicious encounter with the DEA, Danny finds out that Thomas Glavin, Abby's friend's dad isn't your typical rich guy and has ways on how he gets his money.

Suspicion is a novel, bound to leave you wanting more as things unravel and Danny is left to question who he trusts the most, the DEA or new best friend, Thomas Galvin. When things get out of hand and Abby starts to get involved, Danny doesn't stop at any cost until the truth comes out about Thomas Galvin.

I randomly found this book in the 'one dollar' section and honestly, judged a book by its cover because I didn't think a dollar book would be that good! The moment I bought it, I went home and read it because I had to see if it was worth its price ;)

A few things I commonly picked up about the main character, Danny Goodman was that he was your typical gullible guy in a mystery novel yet unexpectedly surprised you. There were moments where I wanted to slap him because of his decisions or thoughts toward the situation when it was clear to the reader what the best thing was. Then he'd surprised us and actually do something that gave us more information about Thomas Galvin. Every character has their flaws, and I think, with Danny when it came to real life decisions he always let his emotions affect him. At one point, I wanted to throw the book across the room because he got into an argument with his girlfriend.

Thomas Galvin actually opened my eyes to realize that not every wealthy character depicted in tv shows and novels are cruel and stuck up. He cared about his family a lot and always thought about their safety. Thomas was kind enough to lend Danny some money even though they didn't know each other that long. Part of me thought that was part of his act of not getting, but no, he was genuinely a good person and dad.

What I disliked about this book was that the two people from the DEA. At first, I thought they were, good cop, bad cop but they eventually began to drag the story. Danny and they met up quite a few times, and I think that could've been suppressed into two meetings and probably a phone call?

I get that Joseph Finder, tried to build up the tension but it took a while, and once I reached the climax, I'd forgotten little details that could've been remembered from the beginning. Also, it would've been interesting to find out more about the Galvin's. We're aware of the parents, daughter and two sons but barely see their perspective of what they think. It would've been nice to know what they felt about their father.

Overall, if there is any suspense, thrilling fans out there, looking for a fast-paced novel then SUSPICION is for you! It's available online, and you can hear a preview by clicking here. I suggest having a big cup of coffee beside you because it'll leave you up all night trying to figure out the truth.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and wouldn't mind reading it in the future on a long flight or road trip. If I had to give a rating, I'd say four out of five stars.

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