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It's been a while since I've posted something. There's school, not to mention a sequel to be written as well as preparation for the first book to come out. Fingers crossed, early 2019 Caught by the Bad Boys!

I'm currently working on the sequel, Lights Out Boys which is being posted on Wattpad and Inkitt! Thank you for all the support from both websites. Remember, Inkitt has chapters that I haven't posted on Wattpad yet so if you're on the edge of your seat, waiting for me to update on Wattpad, I'm sure you can check it out on Inkitt!

I am expanding my writing platforms and experimenting for future novels to be written. On Inkitt, as some of you may know, Lights Out Boys has just reached its rising tension. Since it happened around the same time, Caught by the Bad Boys had its rising tension then you can predict how many chapters from there ;)

Who knows? Might it be shorter or longer than Caught by the Bad Boys?

Since I'm on that note of the soon to be published novel, many have asked, how's it going. Well, as you know, it's quite a complicated story and very long. We're currently in the editing process which is the most important as well as time-consuming. Hopefully, once the editing finishes, everything should flow from there.

If you're following me on any of my social media or check out my Wattpad profile, then you would have seen that I put my other book, Buried Love of the Riches on hold for the meantime. The Caught by the Bad Boys series is currently my main priority right now since I've been with those characters since 2016. Once both books are completed, I can put my primary focus back on BLOTR.

This was just a short post for you all to know that I am not living under a rock or isolated myself from my own blog. Hence the title, to assure my readers where I am and what I'm doing :)

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