Favourite Wattpad Books

I’ve been on Wattpad since 2015, and through that time I’ve read a lot of books from a variety of genres. I began to write my novel, CAUGHT BY THE BAD BOYS in 2016, so that slowed down my reading time. However, I still have quite a few favorites that I’d love to share with you all.

A few people have asked me to recommend them a few Wattpad books, so hopefully, this will help you upon deciding!

These books are in no particular order.

1. Highschool Hit List by autheras - A captivating high school, teen fiction story that’ll leave you reading until three in the morning. It is completed, and there’s a mini-sequel which I still have to check out, but I know it’ll be as good.

2. Man Hunt by TaintedRain - I usually don’t read horror books, but I came across this book that had twenty chapters, so I thought, why not? It’s a quick read but every moment is exciting. It’s mostly a thriller and suspense than horror.

3. The Ugly Ones by ulotrichous - I’m always on the hunt for short stories, and this one really caught my eye. I loved it because I related to it so much and would even reread it but if I was on a long flight. I finished this short story within two days (the weekend), and when I returned to school, I noticed things that never came to my attention before. Highly recommend this book!

4. Misfits by bluebird0904 - I haven’t read those short stories that consist of phones most of the time so I thought why not try and I did with this one! It was fun because it led to something that made me swipe to the next chapter. It’s an enjoyable read if you’re looking for something quick and cliche.

5. Million Dollar Man by something_hopeless - This would have to be my ultimate favorite because I recommend this book to all my friends and anyone who asks for a good Wattpad book. I’m a sucker for bad boys so a book full of gangs, action, and drama would obviously make me weak. I didn’t put my phone down on this one because it was just too good. It had twenty chapters, but they get longer and juicer as you go ;)

6. 7:15 by fivesaucewhoop - This is actually a fan fiction of Ashton Irwin from the band 5 Seconds of Summer. I’ve read quite a few when I went through a phase of loving them, but I’ll always like the storyline in this. The plot just drew me in as well as the blurb which is only a few words…

I know it isn’t a lot, but I haven’t had time to read Wattpad for a while. Nonetheless, there will always be favorite. If you’re curious about other books I’ve read, check out my reading lists on my Wattpad profile!

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