Book Review: Warcross

I regret not getting a copy of my own now I have to return it to the library. That's how good it was. I managed to finish it in less than a week, I stayed up until two in the morning to finish Warcross. However, since school has begun and I had to get settled, I apologize for the late review.

For those who are not familiar with the popular Sci-fi, a young adult novel by Marie Lu, it follows a young girl, Emika Chen as she enters and hacks the Warcross game. Her life changes drastically as she takes part in the Warcross Championships as a spy for the owner, Hideo Tanaka who has his own problems to deal with.

I’ve seen this book advertised a lot last year whether it was on Youtube, Twitter or Instagram. The cover itself called me every time it would pop up in my feed. I read reviews about it but only the first few paragraphs before they got into the story and spoilers. From the moment I saw Warcross, I wanted to read it.

I liked how Emika and Hideo had a past to tell, and throughout the novel, we got to learn a bit more about them and their upbringing through specific situations instead of it all been thrown at once, which I also like to do because it leaves more of a mystery to it and the character.

At first, I wasn’t sure about Emika, she’s a great character with colorful hair and cool tattoos, but her attitude toward the game left me dry. She was there for multiple reasons, but I wish she would’ve focused more on the games especially since she’s a wildcard. However, toward the end of the novel, she took me by surprise and left me reading until two in the morning. Well done Marie Lu.

No matter how good Hideo Tanaka was described, I can’t seem to picture him. There’s always that one character in the book I can’t imagine, all my fault because it always happens. Hideo Tanaka, the start of everything at such a young age. His character left me on the fence instead of picking a side. I’ve always read about wealthy men, and their dark past that shouldn’t be mentioned and Hideo’s was as darkest as it got. Marie Lu played it out well even though I sensed it coming (I’m trying my hardest not to give away spoilers). I hadn’t entirely read about a past like Hideo’s, and I am excited to find out what happens to him, especially. Those who’ve read the book would understand.

My favorite parts that I’d read over and over again would be when the games start, and they’re taken into the virtual worlds. I love how Marie Lu described every place and how each of them was different which had their own unique qualities. The first few chapters I even read fast because I wanted to get to the action and creativity.

Along the way, I picked up how vital family played a role in the plot because Hideo’s past connected to Warcross and his reason behind it. As well as Emika and her rough past that she’s been through brought her to Warcross. When I read a book, I love to connect things and how they’ve come up to me instead of just popping out of nowhere.

I adored this book and can’t wait for the second one which I hope to purchase instead of finding it in the library. I’ll even buy the first book, so I’ll have both. Marie Lu is an outstanding author, and I hope to read her other books shortly. I’ve really been into Science Fiction lately.

I’d recommend this novel to anyone who’d like to get hooked into a world full of advanced technology and gaming. The fact that I imagined quite a lot of the scenes amazed me because I always have trouble with that because I do a lot of things at once but this book told me to drop everything and focus. I’m glad I did because, in the end, I’d give it a rating of five stars.

Since I’ll be reading more of Marie Lu’s works in the future, you’re most welcome to check her out and the exciting things that she’s been doing!

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