The Search for Inspiration

If you read my novels on wattpad, you'd notice that I haven't been the most active person when it comes to updates. It's not because I've gotten the opportunity to get one of my books published that I've slowed down. It takes time and a long process but also since Caught by the Bad Boys will be published, there's a lot of promoting to be done.

I update when I can but as I read on the whole process of writing, I'm trying to find different ways to express myself as a writer.

I've been going out lately and finding inspiration to write the sequel to CBTBB. I even created a playlist on Spotify for those who are curious on the type of music I listen to when I write or travel.

Bus rides are the best, I love either a window seat or right in the back. The air conditioned vehicle in the sweltering hot summer really helps. Long car rides with a never ending road are peaceful to look at and leaves a mystery as to where I'm going.

I try to make my writing as realistic and original as I can through experiences and listening to people's stories and accents. Not everything on the internet is accurate unless you really dig deep into the information.

I wanted to share this for a while now because I get asked a lot, how do you get inspiration? What do you do? I guess it's just the normal things until there's a sudden spark of interest that what you're doing, might become a story.

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