Book Review: The Upside of Unrequited

Somehow Becky Albertalli managed to get her readers hooked on her novel so much that I finished it less than a week. I would have completed it earlier but life took over in the day, and I just zoomed through it at night.

The Upside of Unrequited written by Becky Albertalli is a young adult romance mainly set in Washington D.C. The novel mostly revolves around themes such as love, relationships, families, bullying, and diversity. Molly is described as a fat girl whose had twenty-six crushes. Due to bullying experiences when she was younger and depictions on social media, those crushes had not taken Molly anywhere. She has a twin sister, Cassie who's the total opposite. During the summer Mina enters Cassie's life which leaves Molly out of the picture to either find her twenty-seventh crush or first boyfriend.

I have seen the book multiple times whether it was in bookstores, social media or booktubers who've recommended it. At first, I was not sure if I wanted to get it, so I borrowed it from the library and from then, I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN. Usually, when I borrow books from the library, I have to renew them because the books I choose don't spark my interest but this one, got me. It got me good.

Mina introduces Molly to her best friend Will. However, it's round about the same time that Molly starts her new job. When there's another place interact, there's another boy. Reid. He is not the typical young adult crush character co-worker. The sudden greeting leaves Molly in a daze between red hair, blue-eyed Will or whitest shoes on the planet, dimple Reid.

On the other end, Cassie draws closer to Mina and further away from her twin. I like how it isn't mainly focused on Molly's love life but also her relationship with her sister and mothers. The little changes between the sisters not only affect each other but everyone in the house too.

When I read a book, every chapter has to lead to me wanting to more. That is precisely how I felt when I read every chapter; something always happened that drew me back in. It did not have to be a happy or romantic scene but drama. Raathi is known as a sucker for drama, so a little feud is always entertaining.

The fact that Becky Albertalli wrote about so many issues that are being brought to attention lately surprised me. The characters are original in their own way. Molly is not the average main character; she is chubby and humorous. Reid is the cute dorky guy she works with; her sister is mysterious while their mothers are quite impressive. The LGBT topics written and spoken of are realistic that I even learned a few things.

Another reason why I liked this book because I relate to Molly. Her thoughts are just hilarious, but I barely come across fat characters that I can actually connect to because I was also once bullied for my body. Molly at least had Cassie who had her back, but I thoroughly enjoyed it because the characters were original.

I would suggest the book to anyone and everyone because Becky Albertalli undoubtedly persuaded me into reading her other novel: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to read it before the movie. Love, Simon.

If anyone is curious on the author of The Upside of Unrequited, he or she is more than welcome to visit her website: BeckyAlbertalli

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