A New Dawn

This short story was inspired by a competition I entered but unfortunately did not win, so I decided to post it here for all of you to read and share!

I've never done such a short story in my life and I actually complain about word limits but thankfully, I managed to scoop out a good story. ;)

A New Dawn

Every time the front door opened, I’d sit upright in the hope that it’d be my donor. When I received the call earlier, I was baking a pie and almost dropped the mixture bowl because I was in disbelief. Sitting at the clinic and waiting, I still couldn’t digest that I was about to meet my donor. For years, I’d come to the hospital and enquire, but every time they gave me the same negative response. Well, today was the day of a new beginning.

I didn’t know if I was excited about the transplant procedure or about meeting my donor. Every person that walked past me, I gave them a broad smile in the hope that it’d be the donor. The woman behind the counter gave me strange looks, but that didn’t perturb me! The sensation, relief, and serendipity I felt were overwhelming. As I sat in the uncomfortable clinic chair, I wondered what my compatible donor would be like. When I received the call, they hadn’t given much information so they could be anyone from anywhere.

My thoughts were interrupted when a young man entered the building. Something about his presence captivated me as he walked toward the counter. I took in his appearance and noticed his expensive Swiss watch that he disguised in a casual outfit. Either way, his persona seemed mature yet friendly which brought out his ebony skin tone.

“Miss George.” The lady announced, and I stood up and approached the counter. She smiled then turned to the man. “Meet your donor…Mister Denzel Collins.”

I turned to him with a smile and raised my hand to which he returned the gesture. When I shook his hand, I realized that not only would I be getting a kidney transplant, but also a lifelong friend.

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