Book Review: Hargrave's Remarkable Book Inspired by the Vardø Witch Trials

When I received this book in the mail, I didn’t think it would capture me so much. The moment I clicked with the females in this book, I rooted, pitied and hoped for them. Hargrave has a beautiful way of writing and I can’t wait to read her other books. After a storm has killed off all the island's men, two women in a 1600s Norwegian coastal village struggle to survive against both natural forces and the men who have been sent to rid the community of alleged witchcraft. Finnmark, Norway, 1617. Twenty-year-old Maren Bergensdatter stands on the craggy coast, watching the sea break into a sudden and reckless storm. Forty fishermen, including her brother and father, are drowned and left broken o

10 Authentic Book Adaptations

There have been countless adaptations over the last few decades. With Percy Jackson receiving a reboot by Disney+, I thought it’d be nice to share other adaptations from books worth checking out. This list is just the start of so many films and TV shows. See how many you’ve read and watched over the years. Game of Thrones One of the hugest fandoms and what truly set television into motion was the adaptation of GOT. Written by George R. R. Martin and published in the nineties, HBO adapted it into a series in 2011. From there it attained popularity and became one of the most binge-worth shows. After its eighth season, the books are still being read, and the show is still watched. Truly, a hard

Book Review: Kelly Yang's Parachutes is a Conversation Starter During this Pandemic

Kelly Yang has taken a shot at Young Adult and brought readers to tears in this gripping story involving wealth, immigrant, relationships and trauma. When I received this ARC, I didn't realize the wild rollercoaster of emotions I'd be taken on. Stay tuned to see my interview with Kelly Yang! They’re called parachutes: teenagers dropped off to live in private homes and study in the US while their wealthy parents remain in Asia. Claire Wang never thought she’d be one of them, until her parents pluck her from her privileged life in Shanghai and enroll her at a high school in California. Suddenly she finds herself living in a stranger’s house, with no one to tell her what to do for the first tim

Author Interview: Rob Rufus!

Rob Rufus is the author of The Vinyl Underground published by Flux Books in March 2020. He’s previously written a memoir, Die Young With Me that published in 2017 and won an ALA Alex award. This is his first fictional take on Young Adult. The five star review can be read here where he leaves readers engrossed with music of the 60’s era and life lessons to be learnt. This book's voice and character lends itself to an emotional read. It’s one of those books that alter the minds of this generation as it is motivating yet raw and real. I have had the opportunity to interview Mr. Rob Rufus himself. When I read the ebook through NetGalley, I did not think I would be afforded the opportunity to int

Book Review: Amnesty

Not entirely what I expected when I read the blurb. After I finished Amnesty, I had to give it a few days until I wrote this review. I rarely ever do that. Yet after reading other reviews and letting the story sink in, I think I can come up with something… Danny—formerly Dhananjaya Rajaratnam—is an illegal immigrant in Sydney, Australia, denied refugee status after he fled from Sri Lanka. Working as a cleaner, living out of a grocery storeroom, for three years he’s been trying to create a new identity for himself. And now, with his beloved vegan girlfriend, Sonja, with his hidden accent and highlights in his hair, he is as close as he has ever come to living a normal life. But then one morni

Book Review: Found

I remember attending a YA evening where Fleur Ferris spoke about Found. Her story alone about how she grew up and what she does apart from being a writing was so astounding that I had to purchase Found! I was so nervous when I met her, I barely uttered a few words while she signed my book. Wait to go, Raathi… What happens when someone else’s past catches up with you? Elizabeth Miller had lived in Deni her entire life. In a small rural town, Beth’s biggest problem is telling her protective and fiercely private father that she has a boyfriend. But when her dad disappears before her and Jonah’s eyes, Beth discovers that he isn't who she thought he was. Her family’s secret past has caught up wit

Graphic Novel Review: Eat, And Love Yourself

This was such a visually pleasing comic, and I loved the story behind it. I knew once I read the blurb; I wanted to read it. It tackles self-love and acceptance in a mellow way that leads the main character. A story about Mindy, a woman living with an eating disorder who has to learn how to love herself again. In pursuit of the perfect body, Mindy buys the low-fat diet products and the glossy magazines which promise the secret to losing weight. One night, while perusing the aisles of the neighborhood convenience store for a midnight snack, she finds a new product. A chocolate bar called “Eat and Love Yourself”. On a whim, Mindy buys the curious candy, not knowing that with every piece of cho


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