Book Review: Saint X

A thought provoking mystery that not only alters the narrative but reveals the truth in so many ways to the reader. It reveals how class and privilege can really depend on the consequences one faces. Yet all the while being interesting, the further the novel progressed. Note: This review contains spoilers. Claire is only seven years old when her college-age sister, Alison, disappears on the last night of their family vacation at a resort on the Caribbean island of Saint X. Several days later, Alison’s body is found in a remote spot on a nearby cay, and two local men – employees at the resort - are arrested. But the evidence is slim, the timeline against it, and the men are soon released. The

Graphic Novel Review: Ghosted in L.A

I haven’t picked up a graphic novel since I was a preteen. Those times were just for leisure and even then, I was fascinated by the visuals. Combining artwork and an entire story. Years later, after reviewing countless of books, I’ve decided to give YA graphic novels a shot. Daphne Walters moves to Los Angeles and finds that the only ones who can help her find love and live life to the fullest are the ghosts of her new home! In Los Angeles, finding an apartment is killer—unless you live with the dead. Daphne Walters moves to Los Angeles for her boyfriend Ronnie, ready to live her happily ever after. But when happily ever after turns into happily for a month, she’s stuck in a strange city wit


Something other than another book review! With a swarm of readers all indoors because of Covid-19, there’s been an increase in book interest. Hence my edition book reviews once in a while. However, today we celebrate the day that Caught by the Bad Boys finally gets a box set! This won’t affect the fourth book in any way. Since the box set is only available in ebook version, it’ll be easy to add. Take this as a sweet gesture while we wait for book four. It’s a long process since it’s kind of the conclusion of the series. There’s a lot to confirm and double-check, hence the wait. I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end! Yet we’re not here to dwell on book four, but to gush over how beautiful thi

Book Review: The Summer I Drowned

When I read the blurb and started this book, I was expecting recovering and mending friendships—what I didn’t expect was the thrilling mystery adventure I’d be taken on. A distortion of reality versus make-believe. The past always resurfaces... Five years after almost drowning, Olivia Cathart returns home to Caldwell Beach determined to face her fears and take some risks―not just by swimming, but by opening her heart. Hoping to rekindle her friendships, she’s excited about a carefree summer with her best friends Keely and Miles. But life in the sleepy town has changed, and no one and nothing is as it seems. When a series of startling crimes threaten Olivia’s fragile state, she is plunged int

Book Review: The Mixtape to My Life

A lovable queer romance contemporary set in the nineties about Justin Ortega trying to find himself whilst being there for his loved ones. This book filled me with awe over the relationships and the amazing soundtrack! Justin Ortega might as well be starring in his very own coming-of-age 80s movie. If only he could find his dream boy to pull up in front of his house in a red convertible and sweep him off his feet, already! At seventeen years young, he isn’t quite Mexican enough for his South Texas town; isn’t manly enough for his father; can sometimes be too much of a smart mouth for his mother; and as for the other kids at school—let’s just say he’d be cast as the quiet nerd with a heart of

Blog Tour Book Review: Taking Down Evelyn Tait

This was a really entertaining Contemporary YA fiction, from start to finish. It definitely brought the humor and eased the tension through the difficult time that the world is facing at the moment. You don’t know what book to read that’ll be enough to distract you or let time speed by—this is that book. Impulsive Lottie – heavy-metal fan, expert tomato-grower and frequent visitor to the principal’s office – is in even more trouble than usual. Her best friend Grace has dropped an unlikely bombshell: she’s dating Lottie’s mortal enemy, good-girl Evelyn Tait. Studious Jude, the boy next door, has the perfect war plan. Lottie will beat Evelyn at her own good-girl game, unveiling Miss Perfect’s


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